GCSE Maths - Surds

Learning Objectives
To be able to simplify with surds
To be able to rationalise denominators
To be able to solve problems involving surds and express answers in surd form
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Teaching and Assessment Resources

 Basic Surds
powerpoint download pic
Basic Surds
dominoesimage Dominoes - Simplifying Surds
quizicon2 Mini Whiteboards - Simplifying Surds
quizicon2 Bingo - Simplifying Surds
 Rationalising the denominator
powerpoint download pic
Rationalising the denominator
quizicon2 Quiz - What is the correct multiplier?
Identifying the multiplier
tarsiaicon Tarsia - Rationalising the denominator
tarsiaicon Tarsia - Rationalising the denominator (solution)
dominoesimage Dominoes - Rationalising the denominator
quizicon2 Check Out Quiz - Rationalising the Denominator
 Applying Surds
powerpoint download pic
Problems involving surds
Student worksheet - problems involving surds
Surds - Pythagoras problem
Surds - triangle problem
treasurehunt Treasure Hunt - Surds and Indices
powerpoint download pic Consolidation lesson
Student worksheet - additional questions
Topic Assessments
Rationalising the denominator