GCSE Maths - Factors and Multiples

Learning Objectives
Identify factors of 2 digit numbers
Write out the multiples of a number
Be able to find the highest common factors of atleast two numbers
Be able to find the lowest common multiple of atleast two numbers
Be able to simplify a number into it's prime factors
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Teaching and Assessment Resources

 Factors & HCF
powerpoint download pic
Factors and HCF
Factors - student worksheet
Highest Common Factor - student worksheet
quizicon2 Quiz - Highest Common Factor
 Multiples & LCM
powerpoint download pic
Multiples and LCM
treasurehunt Treasure Hunt - Factors, Multiples & Primes
LCM - student worksheet
dominoesimage Dominoes - Factors and Multiples
tarsiaicon Tarsia - HCF and LCM
powerpoint download pic Topic Summary - HCF and LCM
Product of Prime Factors
powerpoint download pic
Product of Prime Factors
Product of Prime Factors - worksheet
Product of Prime Factors - recap
 Using Venn Diagrams
powerpoint download pic
Venn Diagrams - HCF & LCM Brand New!
Venn Diagrams - Multiples Brand New!
Venn Diagrams - HCF & LCM student task Brand New!
Topic Assessments
Factors and Multiples
Product of Prime Factors
Venn Diagrams - HCF and LCM