GCSE Maths - Sequences

Learning Objectives
Generate sequences using a term to term rule
Generate sequences from nth term rules
Recognise and use Fibonacci type sequences
Calculate the nth term rule for Quadratic Sequences
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Teaching and Assessment Resources

 Linear Sequences
powerpoint download pic
Linear Sequences
dominoesimage Dominoes - matching nth term rules
Extension - fill in the missing number
Linear Sequences - worksheet
treasurehunt Treasure Hunt - Linear Sequences
dominoesimage Further Dominoes Activity
quizicon2 Multiple Choice Quiz - The nth term
Topic Assessments
Linear Sequences
Quadratic Sequences
Quadratic Sequences
powerpoint download pic
Quadratic Sequences Brand New!
Substituting into equations Brand New!
Walk through worksheet Brand New!
Quadratic Sequences from diagrams Brand New!
tarsiaicon Tarsia - Linear and Quadratic Sequences Brand New!
Quadratic Sequences - Extension
powerpoint download pic
Quadratic Sequences - Textbook Task Brand New!
Textbook Template Brand New!
dominoesimage Quadratic Sequences - Matching Task