GCSE Maths - Circumference and Area

Learning Objectives
Be able to use and identify terms such as chords, arcs, segments, radius and diameter.
Be able to find the circumference of a circle
Be able to find the area of a circle
Be able to find the surface area of spheres and cones
Be able to find the length and angles of sectors
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Teaching and Assessment Resources

 Circumference of a Circle
powerpoint download pic
The Circumference of a Circle
Labelling a circle
Student worksheet
 Area of a Circle
powerpoint download pic
The Area of a Circle
Student worksheet
Area of a Circle - Compound Shapes
treasurehunt Treasure Hunt - Area & Circumference
powerpoint download pic
The Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere
Student Worksheet
 Sectors and Arc Lengths
powerpoint download pic
Area of Sectors & Arc Lengths
Student worksheet
Stretch and Challenge 1
Stretch and Challenge 2
Stretch and Challenge 3
Connect 4 - Circumference, Area & Sectors
Topic Assessments
Circumference and Area
Area of Sectors and Arc Lengths