GCSE Maths - Measures

Learning Objectives
Apply and use upper and lower bounds
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Teaching and Assessment Resources

 Upper & Lower Bounds
Tarsia Puzzle - Rounding Recap
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Upper & Lower Bounds with decimals
Bound problems involving area
 Upper & Lower Bounds
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Limits of Accuracy
Task on Entry - Rounding with decimal places and significant figures
quizicon2 Bingo - Upper and Lower Bounds
Upper and Lower Bounds - student task
Limits of Accuracy & Area of Shapes
Limits of Accuracy & Volume
 Applying Bounds
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Applying Bounds
Applying Bounds - student worksheet
Limits of Accuracy
Dominoes Activity - Bounds of a Number
powerpoint download pic Upper and Lower Bounds with Fractions
Bounds involving Speed, Distance & Time
Bounds & Fractions - student task
Bounds & Fractions - student task (extension)
Plenary - Bounds & Fractions
 Assumed Knowledge
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Rounding with significant figures
Quiz - Rounding
 Topic Assessment
Upper and Lower Bounds